Presentation for e-Events: Getting Connected 09 on 16th June - Roger Stack

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Metaverse Tour 2008 - Gary Hayes

Growth and Transformation: Web 1.0 - Web 2.0 - Web 3.D/Web3.0 - Gary Hayes Post

Video Links

Yoville Video Link
Second Life Conference Video Link
Skoolaborate Video Link

Exploring further


**Looking Across the Metaverse** - KZERO (Click on graphs)
Second Life Economy -
**1st Q 2009**

Educational Uses of Second Life

**Seocnd Life in Education** - Play Flickr presentation at top of page
**SimTeach** - Teachers in Multi-User Virtual Environments
**Skoolaboate** - Schools collaborating to engage students - for under 18year olds

Learning and Life in Virtual Environments